Yes, Sweetie, You Can Be a Princess

Yes, Sweetie, You Can Be a Princess

Buried in tiaras, glass slippers, and tulle?  Have that once-cute-but-now-nauseatingly-annoying song stuck in your head because it’s been playing non-stop for three days?  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the princesses that seem to be invading our daughters’ lives. 

However, with some real thought, we can see that those same perfect-haired, poufy dress clad, musical  virtuoso's are, in fact, good role models for our daughters.  Instead of just letting their eyes gloss over with glitter and sometimes less than creative lyrics, our girls can be gaining some great guidance for their lives. 

The princesses are wonderful examples on a variety of subjects, ranging from developing yourself, learning to deal with others, facing what life has to throw at you, as well, of course, as some good, realistic lessons on love.  We just need to take the time to see it, and explain it to our girls so that they can learn the great lessons that are right there in front of them for the taking.  


"I'd never really thought much about it, but the author has picked out character traits and life lessons from the stories that I had not noticed before." - Amazon Review